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Carelle Homsy was born in Cairo in 1968 and graduated from the Faculty of Arts Education in 1991. She is currently a member of the plastic Art Syndicate as well as the Atelier group. Started her carrier with her first exhibition in 1992 at the Cairo atelier and since then she made many solo and collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. Every year she participates in the Egyptian General exhibition and was chosen in 2009 to represent Egypt in the 2nd Luxor International Painting Symposium.


Carelle currently has acquisitions in many countries and has collectibles at the Cultural Development Fund, the General Authority for Cultural Palaces and at the Egyptian Museum of   Modern Contemporary Art.


Her work is characterized by the expressionism and fauvism aspects, which the artist always resorts to when expressing her inner feelings, by deforming figures and intensifying colors. Also her work tackles the issues of humanity and society the old conflicts between good and evil, human rights and social justice.


Hence the painting became an illustration of the personal and intellectual experiences; it is also a mixture of elements and strong colors and lines vibrations which gives an impression of continuous movement.

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